【Cherish Warmth Since its opening in 1986, we will spin on and foster a lot of thoughts about the "heart of hospitality". 】

【Official】Yokohama Heiwa Plaza Hotel

Fully enjoy the charm of Yokohama! Fully enjoy Yokohama from Minatomirai to Motomachi Chinatown

This hotel (Yokohama Heiwa Plaza Hotel) is located in the area called “Bashamichi”, which connects Naka-ku, Yokohama, now Kannai - Minatomirai Shinko area.
This area has been a key point of transportation since the opening of Yokohama Port, and many foreigners have traveled by carriage to convey a lot of modern Western civilization. Even now, this road is paved with brick. It is a place that still retains the exotic atmosphere of the city, where things like the streetlights of gas lights that actually burn gas are installed. It is the main dining in Yokohama via the Minatomirai Line Minatomirai area and the Kannai / Isezakicho area within walking distance, and the Minatomirai Line, Bashamichi Station 1-minute walk from the hotel.
“Yokohama Chinatown” is very convenient with 2 stations and 4 minutes!

[1 year anniversary]Enjoy it just for breakfast! 2/21 (Friday) ~

  • Today is a day of stylish morning on the Bashamichi!

    After the restaurant "BRICKS STUDIO" was renewed as a buffet restaurant
    Thanks to the first anniversary, passion for freshly baked bread and freshly roasted coffee, now the menu is also 40 kinds of Japanese, Western and Chinese ... We have received good reviews from our customers.

    And on February 21, 2020, we want everyone to use it as a more local hotel
    Breakfast only will be available.

Warm hospitality beyond the bounds of a business hotel

  • "Service & OMOTENASHI"

    We offer hospitality that can be safe and comfortable even for first time customers.
    We offer all the hospitality that every one of our customers can think of.
    We offer hospitality suitable for the wonderful scene of Yokohama.

    There is a permanent coin launderette, which is delightful for long-term stays, within the facility.
    Also a welcome drink bar, amenities bar etc,
    We offer a service that you can spend comfortably!

    Based on the concept of warmth of care that goes hand in hand
    We are looking forward to seeing you all.

★★Three attractions to choose Heiwa Plaza Hotel★★

■Charm of this facility # 1■ Every day with all your heart

  • 2F, Breakfast restaurant BRICKS STUDIO

    With a passion for freshly baked bread and freshly baked rice cakes, we have prepared with all your heart and heart to prepare all your energy for the day.

    Japanese food is prepared with a lot of prepared dishes that can be enjoyed deliciously. Mapo tofu with authentic Chinese maple like Yokohama is exquisite.
    In addition, the abundant menu that cannot be eaten in a single stay, such as dashi chazuke and morning curry, will surely make you want to eat breakfast again (^^!
    Please take this opportunity to enjoy the breakfast buffet at this property.

■Charm of this facility # 2■ Different types of rooms to suit the scene

  • "Wide support from business to couples and groups"

    Single, double, twin, triple, force room, etc.
    We are waiting for you to prepare a variety of guest rooms.

    In addition to the use in the business scene, we will support the important scenes of customers such as anniversary and family trips with important people.

    We also accept requests from MICE trips, educational trips, and sports organizations.
    Please feel free to contact us. (Free Wi-Fi Complete)

■Charm of this facility # 3■ Excellent access location

  • “Best location to enjoy the port city of Yokohama”

    Starting with the “Yokohama Bashamichi”, a historic cityscape and a Bashamichi civilization

    10 minutes walk to Landmark Tower
    15 minute walk to Cosmo Clock and Red Brick Warehouse
    15 minutes on foot from the large pier passenger ship terminal and Yamashita Park where large passenger ships anchor
    Conveniently located at 2 stations and 4 minutes via Yokohama Chinatown Bashamichi Station to Yokohama Chinatown! etc.

    We will keep your luggage before check-in and after check-out, so please feel free to ask us and enjoy the walk around Yokohama (^^)/

■ Access ■

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Hotel Name

Yokohama Heiwa Plaza Hotel ~ YOKOHAMA HEIWA PLAZA HOTEL ~


5-65 Ota Town, Naka Ward, Yokohama City

Telephone number



1 minute walk from Minatomirai Line “Bashamichi Station” Exit 5.
JR, Municipal subway "Sakuragicho Station", 5 minutes on foot from Kannai Station.
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    (I ca n’t promise 100%…)
    If you can upgrade your room service
    When there is a chance, there are many accommodation sites
    Please make a reservation from our "Official site".
    We will endeavor to give preferential treatment to customers who have chosen.

    【Renewal Memorial (Bonus)-Until March 31, 2020 (Excluding specific days)】
    Customers who have booked accommodation from the new homepage,
    "Check-out 1 hour extension plus" service! I will do it.

    ※However, it will be exempted on the specific dates (December 20th to January 3rd 2020) specified by this facility. In addition, if the time is extended with a plan benefit, you cannot use the service together.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.