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  • The guest is a minor, can I stay?

    If the guest is a minor, parents are requested to submit a "consent form".
    The application form (PDF) is available at the following address.Continue reading
  • How many days can I make a reservation before?

    It is reservation acceptance from about half a year ago.
  • Can I change my reservation?

    If you are a registered member, you can make changes on the homepage.If you are not registered, please contact the hotel by phone.Please notContinue reading
  • Can I wait for cancellation of accommodation?

    We apologize, we are not waiting for your cancellation.
  • About parking lot

    There are 17 on-site parking lots available, and we will guide you on a first-come, first-served basis.
    15:00 to 10:00 the next Continue reading
  • What is the size of the car entering the parking lot?

    On-site parking is limited in size due to indoor parking space.1 box size (length 5.5m x width 2m x height 2.2m) is 11 units, 3 level parkinContinue reading
  • What is the check-in / check-out time?

    ・Check In, 15:00
    ・Check Out, 10:00
    *If you want to enter early, you can enter for 800 yen per person per hour.
    *Extension after check-out cContinue reading
  • What should I do if check-in is delayed?

    We usually ask you to complete the procedure and payment by 24:00 at the latest, but if you are late, please contact the hotel.The front desContinue reading
  • Before check-in, Luggage storage after check out

    Check-in procedures are available from the morning. After the procedure, luggage will be stored at the front desk until return. We will keepContinue reading
  • Can I send my luggage in advance?

    Please send it by advance payment.Your luggage will be stored at the front desk.Please send your full name on the day of your stay at the frContinue reading
  • Can I sleep with my child?

    Children outside the elementary school age (up to 9 years old) can enter free of charge for each adult except for the number of occupants peContinue reading
  • Do you have a crib?

    Available.It is 3,000 yen (excluding tax) per vehicle for a fee.Limited quantity.In addition, please understand that you may not be able to Continue reading
  • Are there baby chairs at the breakfast venue?

    Baby chairs for infants are available.Please tell the restaurant staff on the spot.Please understand that the number is limited, so it may nContinue reading
  • Is it okay to have breakfast on the same day?

    Breakfast restaurant “BRICKS STUDIO” is open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM. If there are seats available, you can add more on the day.
      ●Adult(sContinue reading
  • Can I specify the number of floors in the room, the room close to the companion, etc?

    We would like to meet your request as much as possible, but please understand that it may not be possible as requested due to the reservatioContinue reading
  • Are pets allowed?

    Please refrain from customers who have allergies.Service dogs (guide dogs, hearing dogs, service dogs, etc.) can be accompanied.
  • Do you have non smoking rooms?

    Non-smoking rooms are available in single, semi-double, twin and all types of rooms. (Limited quantity)
    Please be sure to indicate that you Continue reading
  • About payment

    It is pre-settled at check-in.
  • Can I pay for credit and electronic money?

    You can use credit, ID, and some electronic money (smartphone) payments.Please ask at the front desk for details.
  • Can I make a lump sum payment from the company?

    We accept full payment in advance.We support pre-transfers, so if you contact us, we will discuss it.Please understand that postpayment is nContinue reading
  • Is there a meeting room?

    We offer from 5500 yen for 3 hours. (It varies according to the number of users. )
    For more information, please feel free to contact us by pContinue reading
  • Can I use it only for a break?

    There is advantageous day plan "petit night".
    *One person, From 3500 yen (5 hours or more)
    *Two people, From 4000 yen (3 hours or more)
    ・DuContinue reading
  • Are there long-term discounts or group discounts etc.?

    We offer discounted long-term discounts and group discounts.
    Please call us for more details.
  • Is there an internet connection service?

    If you bring a laptop, each room has a modular outlet for LAN connection. LAN cables are available free of charge at the front desk. We alsoContinue reading
  • Do you have Wi-Fi service?

    The entire building is free to use.
    Please check the SSID (access point) and password in the room after check-in.
  • About unauthorized use of Internet lines

    There is a risk that unauthorized access from inside or outside the hotel may cause troubles in the unauthorized use of Internet lines and uContinue reading
  • I'm in "Minatomirai Line's Bashamichi Station" now?

    Go up to the ground on the escalator from Exit 5 (Bashamichi Exit). Please note that the position changes slightly when you go up by the eleContinue reading
  • I am in "JR Sakuragicho Station" now?

    Exit the south ticket gate and proceed to the left (east exit). You can see a Ferris wheel in front.
    Sakuragicho Station in the background,Continue reading
  • I am in "JR Kannai Station" now?

    First, please go to Kannai Station North Exit.
    Exit the ticket gate and turn right, you will see a building called CERTE front.
    Turn left aContinue reading
  • Can I leave my luggage during consecutive stays?

    You can leave it there.However, we ask that you manage valuables yourself.
    In addition, please keep your luggage as compact as possible for Continue reading


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.