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  2. ■Morning■



●2020 Toward a safe and secure NEW STYLE morning for a new lifestyle! ●

◆ Breakfast restaurant "BRICKS STUDIO" trial◆
We aim to provide a safer and more secure breakfast from 7/1!

 ・ To secure social distance, review seat layout and avoid crowded state
 ・ We will limit the number of people only on days when there are many people eating 
 ・ We will review some of the menus we offer, such as buffet menus, to avoid crowded situations.
 ・ Special disposable gloves (MY gloves) are prepared for customers.Reduce contact opportunities
 ・ If you wish, you can bring your own food to the room on the assumption that food hygiene is maintained.

***** Various menus such as our proud freshly baked bread, carefully roasted "ground fresh coffee", "freshly made tofu" *****
  • ■Freshly baked, freshly made breakfast morning■

    【Savory fresh bread and a rich breakfast menu】

    A freshly baked croissant that the staff carefully cooks.
    Passion for "health", "fruit drinks" that are full of vitamins, etc...
    Eat well and boost your immunity ♬ It's a safe and secure full morning!

    [time】 Weekdays 6:30 (Saturday, Sunday, public holidays, specific days 7:00)-9:00

    [Fee】 1 person tax included

       Adult(More than elementary school students), ... , ¥ 980
       Children (over 4 years old, up to 6 years old preschoolers)… ¥ 490
       Age 3 and under., ... , Free

    *The menu may change depending on the season and time.
    *If it is full, you may have to wait.
  • ■ Passion for our bag ■

    It has been reborn as a passionate “freshly roasted and freshly cooked rice cake”.
    Using 100% Arabica with clear fragrance, bitterness, sweetness and richness, roast carefully.

    Grind and drip the mill in front of the customer.
    You can enjoy up to the last drop.

    The cafe latte from the latest Bluematic coffee machine is also delicious!

    Please enjoy the freshly baked bread that goes well with the popular “freshly baked bread”.

     【Three types of freshly ground rice cake】
     ・Slowly roasted arabica 100% coffee
     ・British Royal Warlords Toruja Coffee
     ・Ice temperature aged coffee
  • ■ As a multipurpose hall ■

    2nd floor “BRICKS STUDIO” includes conferences, workshops and seminars
    It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as parties.

    Brix Studio A(48m2): School style 35 people/B character 24 people
    Brix studio A + B(96 m2): 86 school types/51 roman characters

    【Usage fee】(Tax-included fee)
    Brix Studio A: From 9900 yen/1 hour
    Brix studio A + B(96 m2): From 19800 yen/1 hour

    ※Use is from 2 hours.
    ※Upon use, you agree to the “Usage Rules” established by this facility.
    ※Separate meal arrangements are also available. Please contact us. (20 or more people)