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♡ Initiatives for corona ♡

 To Yokohama Heiwa Plaza Hotel's Attempt to New Coronavirus To

Safety and security = the selling point

  • Since 1986, this facility has been operating in the Bashamichi Area, a key part of Yokohama's civilization, since 1986 with the belief in the spirit of "hospitality" spun by customers and staff.After the Corona Shock of 2020, isn't it the time to think more about the value of people by touching With Corona? In the future, toward a new lifestyle, "What can we do for our customers?" and "What can we propose and provide?"

    What is most needed now is to eliminate the anxiety of our guests and all of the people involved in the hotel, and to provide security and safety when the new coronavirus (COVID-19), which is scared every day, is spreading.I believe that it is the feeling that "Yokohama Heiwa Plaza Hotel will make you stay at ease".

    This facility will work to prevent infection in order to maintain a "safe and secure space" based on guidance and information from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the public health center under its jurisdiction.

◆About hygiene management of this facility ◆

To make you feel at ease...

  • At this facility, we are working on the following infection prevention for the new coronavirus (Covid-19) for all parties including the customer.

    ◆Strengthening hotel hygiene management ◆
     ・ Front desk staff requires "temperature measurement" before work and "wearing a mask" while working
     ・ "Splash prevention partition" installed at the front counter
     ・ Of public facilities such as lobby, elevator, restroom"Regular disinfection and ventilation"
     ・ We will also thoroughly perform "disinfection and ventilation at the time of cleaning" on the guest rooms and strive for hygiene management.

    ◆Requests to all customers◆
     ・ Please wear a mask during your stay and "wash your hands" and "gargle" when you return.
     ・ At check-in, we have received "temperature measurement" and "fill in accurate information including presentation of ID card" and "agreement" for infection prevention measures.

  • ◆ Breakfast restaurant "BRICKS STUDIO" trial◆

     ・ To secure social distance, review seat layout and avoid crowded state
     ・ We will limit the number of people only on days when there are many people eating
     ・ Partial review of the buffet menu to avoid crowded situations
     ・ Special disposable gloves (MY gloves) are prepared for customers.Reduce contact opportunities
     ・ It is possible to bring food into the room, provided that food hygiene is maintained.

I sincerely hope that this new lifestyle will become a daily life and that everyone will be able to spend their lives with peace of mind.

Yokohama Heiwa Plaza Hotel employees