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■Sightseeing around■

>>--- Sightseeing ---<<

●A great location where you can enjoy the digest of the port city of Yokohama●

  • ■ Overall image ■

    This hotel (Yokohama Heiwa Plaza Hotel) is located in the area called "Bashamichi", which connects Naka Ward, Yokohama, now Kannai and Minatomirai Shinko District.
    This area has been a key point of transportation since the opening of Yokohama Port, and many foreigners have traveled by carriage to convey a lot of modern Western civilization. Even now, this road is paved with brick. It is a place that still retains the exotic atmosphere of the city, where things like the streetlights of gas lights that actually burn gas are installed. 2 stations 4 minutes to Yokohama's main dining "Yokohama Chinatown" via the "Minatomirai area" and "Kannai / Isezaki Town area" within walking distance, and "Kannai Bashamichi Station" on the Minatomirai Line is a 1-minute walk from the hotel. ≒ 15 minutes on foot) Very convenient!
    • The distance that you can reach the digest of Yokohama sightseeing is attractive!

      ● Tourism image ●

      Prefectural office location in Kanagawa, Yokohama.
      Minatomirai, Chinatown, Yamashita Park and other popular spots in Yokohama are within walking distance.
      The hotel is ideally located for business as well as sightseeing.
    • ● Neighborhood map(Walk map) ●

      At the front desk, we have a convenient and easy-to-read map of the hotel neighborhood, handmade by staff such as banks, convenience stores, restaurants, etc.!
      Use it for business, sightseeing, and dining!
      Staff recommended for easy entry by anyone (* ´ 艸 `)
      Please feel free to contact us (^^)/

  • shopping

    It is a homepage of Yokohama・Minatomirai peripheral facilities convenient for shopping.
    • Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

      Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse is a tourist attraction representing Yokohama where brick construction of Meiji / Taisho is popular.
      It is a brick historic building which was built as a model warehouse of the country from the late Meiji period to the early Taisho period.
      There is a park with trees around it, which is also recommended for relaxing and relaxing.
      Also, at night, the Red Brick Warehouse is lit up in orange,
      It has a fantastic atmosphere different from daytime.
      You can see the night view of the port such as Yokohama Bay Bridge and Yokohama Port Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal,
      You can also enjoy the night view of Minatomirai such as Yokohama Landmark Tower and Ferris wheel "Cosmo Clock 21".

      YOKOHAMA WORLD PORTERS, "Various world is here"
      Under the concept of
      About 200 unique shops, such as fashion, interior and sundries
      As well as a restaurant, a cinema and amusement are also available.
      It is a facility that you can play all day.
      The first floor is Hawaiian Town, which offers food and Hawaiian goods.
      The second and third floors are fashion, and the fourth floor is interior.
      The 5th floor is a restaurant area with panoramic views of Minatomirai's night view.
      The 6th floor is with relaxation & interior world,
      About 200 or more unique shops.
    • Yokohama Landmark Tower

      The 70th floor, 296 m tall skyscraper, Yokohama Landmark Tower,
      Yokohama's symbolic existence.
      With a central office, hotel and shopping mall centered on the high-rise tower building,
      Such as an open space that restored and used the observation floor, the multipurpose hall, and even the dock made of stone, etc.
      There are various facilities.
      From the observation floor “Sky Garden” on the 69th floor,
      You can see a large panorama of 360 degrees below your eyes.
      On sunny days, not only Yokohama,
      Tokyo Tower, Skytree, Shinjuku Shintoshin, Boso Peninsula, Izu Peninsula, Mt Fuji, etc.
      There is a vast view.
    • Yokohama Hammerhead

      Yokohama Hammerhead is a complex facility consisting of experience / experience-type / factory-type commercial facilities with the theme of “food” centered on the cruise ship terminal facilities, and luxury hotels that make use of the rare location characteristics of wharves.

      The area around the facility will be integrated, and a Hammerhead Park centered on a Hammerhead Park Hammerhead Crane will be provided at the tip.

      The facility name is based on the British-made "50-ton Hammerhead Crane" completed at Yokohama Port in 1914.

      【Yokohama Hammerhead facility concept】

      “It is a very rare place in the country where the city is very close to the passenger ship terminal, as well as being able to see the open blue sea with a sense of openness.

      With a facility concept of “Yokohama Umieki, ” a sea station that connects the city with land, sea, and sky, we aim to be a new Yokohama base where visitors can feel the culture of Yokohama and spend a rich “Minato time” ”
  • ■ Sightseeing・Gourmet ■

    Introducing tourist facilities and restaurants around Yokohama・Minatomirai!
    • Passenger ship terminal with commercial facilities opened in Yokohama Minatomirai Shinko District in October 2019

      ●YOKOHAMA HAMMERHEAD(Yokohama Hammerhead)●

      From the postwar period to the 1970s, it was the first bay port crane in Japan to be used at Yokohama and Shinko Wharf, and was called the `` Hammerhead Crane'' because of its similar shape to the Hammerhead Crane Newly opened.

      A complex facility filled with attractive attractions such as commercial facilities and hotels, while serving as a passenger ship terminal facility as a gateway to the sea where passenger ships berth.

      This facility, which is completed at the tip of the Shinko wharf facing the sea, will have about 20 shops centering on food. On the 1st floor are light meals and food courts, and on the 2nd floor are restaurants and factory zones (* ´ 艸 `)
    • ●Yokohama Anpanman Children's Museum●

      【 Get off at Minatomirai Line for 2 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 minutes on foot 】

      A place to fulfill the children's dream of "I want to meet Anpanman".
      This facility consists of a museum floor (paid) to enjoy the Anpanman world and a shop & food restaurant floor (free entry) where you can enjoy cute Anpanman goods and delicious food.
    • ●Yokohama Cosmoworld (Ferris wheel)●

      【 Minatomirai area 10 minutes on foot】

      Yokohama Cosmoworld,
      About 2 minutes on foot from Minatomirai Station, height 112.5m, 480-seater,
      One of the world's largest ferris wheel "Cosmo Clock 21" is an urban amusement park with a symbol.
      There are about 30 types of attractions in the park.
      "Wonder Amuse Zone"
      Burano Street Zone
      It consists of three zones, "Kids Carnival Zone",
      You can also enjoy a roller coaster and torrent slips.
      Located in the heart of the Minatomirai 21 district, it has excellent access.
    • ●CupNoodles Museum●

      【 Minatomirai area 15 minutes on foot】

      This is the creativity and exploration bud in each and every child,
      An experiential museum for abundant growth.
      Invented the world's first instant noodle "Chicken Ramen"
      You can experience "Creative Thinking = Creative Thinking" by Momofuku Ando founder of Nissin Food Products, which has revolutionized the food culture of the earth through numerous exhibitions.
      Learn, invent, discover tips while watching, touching, playing, eating and having fun,
      Find your own creative thinking.
    • This is the page of Yokohama's main dining "Yokohama Chinatown"!

      ●Yokohama Chinatown(Offer:Chinatown Development Cooperative Association)●

      【Minatomirai Line 2 stations 8 minutes or walk ≒ 15 minutes】

      <reference:Yokohama Chinatown Development Cooperative Association (hereinafter “Development Association”)? >
      Yokohama Chinatown a cooperative association that works for the development of Yokohama Chinatown.
      Rule making, business event and event management for commercial activity smoothly in town
      We are engaged in activities that contribute to the development of Yokohama Chinatown.
      The Development Association mainly consists of restaurants and stores operating in Yokohama Chinatown.
      It consists mainly of business operators, companies or other organizations.

    • ● Yokohama Museum of Art ●

      【 Get off at Minatomirai Line at 1 station, 1 minute, walk 5 minutes 】

      Yokohama Museum of Art of Yokohama Museum of Art opened on November 3, 1989. With a powerful symmetrical appearance,
      This facility is characterized by an open-minded grand gallery of
      An art information center with more than 110,000 books, as well as 7 exhibition rooms.
      This is one of the largest art museums in Japan with ateliers and other workshops.
      As an art museum suitable for Yokohama, an international port town, visitors can appreciate a wide range of modern and contemporary art since the opening of the port. An exhibition is held.
      Please spend a fulfilling time at the Yokohama Museum of Art of Yokohama Museum of Art while feeling the breath of the Minatomirai 21 district that continues to develop and the history that the city of Yokohama has grown.

    • ● Yokohama・Hakkeijima Sea Paradise ●

      【 50 minutes by train or 30 minutes by car (Metropolitan Expressway use)】

      Yokohama / Hakkeijima Sea Paradise has four aquariums with different themes,
      It consists of 16 kinds of attractions such as screaming machines,
      "Pleasure Land" etc. gathered in one place,
      A complex amusement island that can not be played in one day.
      It is a must-see for a large-scale swimming of up to 70,000 sardines in Japan and a show of sea animals.
      The sea-themed attractions can be enjoyed by children and kites.
      On the island, there is a “Bay Market” consisting of shops and various restaurants,
      It is a tourist attraction that couples and families can enjoy in a day, with hotels and other facilities available.
    • ● Yokohama cruise ship “Royal Wing” ●

      [15-minute walk to the Osanbashi Pier"Osanbashi Pier (Yokohama Port Passenger Terminal)"】

      With the scenery of Yokohama full of exotic atmosphere that engraves bliss on a refreshing ship…
      "Taste the charm of Yokohama without giving up"
      This is an entertainment cruise of the Royal Wing.
      A historic port town "Yokohama" that quickly received foreign culture.
      A place where many dramas were born as a gateway to Japan
      Than Yokohama Port University's Bridge", Royal Wing will be sailed.
      Spend an elegant time on the best cruising while enjoying the fascinating landscape of the waterfront desk and creative “food”.
    • ● Yokohama Sankeien Garden ●

      [25 minutes by Yokohama City Bus】

      Sankeien Garden by businessman Sankei Hara who made a fortune by the raw silk trade, was published in 1906 (Meiji 39) May 1st.The 175,000m2 park has cleverly placed historically valuable buildings relocated from Kyoto and Kamakura.
      Tokyo Bay vast land spread over Honmoku, southeast of Yokohama overlooking Tokyo Bay, was started to be built by Sankei from around 1902 (Meiji 35). The inner garden has been completed.Sankei is during his lifetime, also becomes a place of support and up-and-coming artists of the training, Mikoshiburi of Seison Maeda, of Taikan Yokoyama Ryuin, of Kanzan Shimomura Yoroboshi many to represent the modern Japanese paintings, such as The work was born in the park.After that, he was severely damaged by the war, and in 1953, the Foundation Sankeien Garden Hoshokai (conservation association) was established with the transfer and donation of the Foundation Sankeien Garden Hoshokai (conservation association) family to Yokohama City Will be reached.
  • ■ Sports concert ■

    Yokohama・Minatomirai is a homepage of sports concert facilities around Yokohama・Minatomirai.
    • ● Yokohama Stadium ●

      【 10-minute walk 】

      Changed the name to Yokohama Park baseball stadium, Gehrig Stadium, and Heiwa Stadium, it has been loved by many Yokohama citizens and baseball fans nationwide, and has been supported and transformed.
      Yokohama Stadium can be used for various events such as American football and other sports and concerts as well as baseball by operating the elevating pitchers mound. Also, the Y-shaped lighting tower is full of originality and is one of the symbols of Yokohama.
      Home base of professional baseball team "Yokohama DeNA Baystars".Commonly known. "Hamasta"
      Based on the “Community Ball Park” concept, we have Yokohama Stadium construction and renovation of the Yokohama Stadium from November 2017 to February 2020.
      ※Scheduled to be expanded from 29,000 seats to 35,000 seats by spring 2020. It will be used as the main venue for baseball and softball at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.
    • ● Yokohama Kannai Hall ●

      【 3 minutes on foot 】

      A multi-purpose public facility with large and small halls located in Yokohama and Kannai, which has a scent of art and culture.
      With the kind and polite guidance by “Stage Concierge”, you can use it with confidence even for the first time.
    • ●Nissan Stadium(Yokohama International Stadium)●

      [25 minutes to Shin-Yokohama Station, 12 minutes on foot】

      Nissan Stadium (Yokohama International Stadium) is Japan's largest stadium with a capacity of about 70,000.It is a historic stadium that attracted attention as the venue of the 2002 FIFA World Cup final and set the stage for many famous scenes.
      We recommend the “World Cup Stadium Tour” (charged), a guided tour that allows you to experience the feelings of players who have competed on the world's highest stage.
      Yokohama is used as a professional soccer team in Yokohama and a home stadium in Yokohama F. Marinos.
    • ● Kanagawa Kenmin Hall ●

      【 15 minutes on foot】

      Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, known as one of the nation's leading large cultural facilities, opened in 1975 overlooking Yokohama Port. Since then, a wide range of genres have been held, ranging from moving performances at leading European theaters to pop concerts and use by the general public.
      In addition, the gallery, one of the largest in the prefecture, holds many solo exhibitions of up-and-coming artists alongside the general public.
      The Kanagawa Arts Foundation has been in charge of managing and operating the facilities since 1994, has been the center of cultural facilities in the prefecture through independent production of operas and ballet performances, invitation of world-class cutting-edge contemporary dance performances, and exhibitions of young artists. We work on creation and promotion of

    • ● Yokohama Arena ●

      [Get off at Shin-Yokohama Station for 25 minutes, walk for 5 minutes】

      "The feelings are connected. "
      The largest event hall in Kanagawa Prefecture, with a maximum arena area of 8,000 square meters and a maximum capacity of 17,000 people, was built in Shinyokohama for concerts, sporting events, and corporate ceremonies.
      Since its opening in 1989, it has been used as the annual venue for the countdown live of Southern All Stars and its member Keisuke Kuwata.
      Numerous sporting events have been held in the past, including the Volleyball World Grand Prix, World Table Tennis, and Boxing World Title Match.
      The Japan Acoustics Association, in conjunction with the Japan Theater Engineers Federation, has been selected as 100 Best Halls"100 Best Halls", a system that honors excellent halls (theaters, concert halls, multipurpose halls, etc.).
  • ■ MICE Business・Other ■

    Yokohama・Minatomirai a business related facility around Yokohama・Minatomirai, a useful homepage of the surroundings.
    • ●Pacifico Yokohama(Yokohama Peace Conference Hall)●

      【1 station on the Minatomirai Line, 5 minutes on foot】
      Yokohama world's largest complex MICE facility in the Yokohama Minatomirai area

      A theater hall, conference room, exhibition hall, hotel, designed to have all the functions required for holding MICE, and with its beautiful and unique appearance, it is a landmark in Yokohama.

      It is a communication space that supports a wide range of business meetings, exhibitions, ceremonies, parties, incentives, events and concerts such as large international conferences, academic conferences, seminars, lectures, and workshops.
    • ●Sightseeing in Yokohama(Offer:Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau)●

      Provided by Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau (YCVB)
      "Yokohama tourist information"!

      <reference:(Public Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau YCVB) Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau (YCVB)… >
      By utilizing information resources such as industry and technology, and historical and cultural resources centered on Yokohama City and Kanagawa Prefecture, and attracting tourists from Japan and abroad, attracting conventions and supporting the holding of Yokohama City, It was established to promote tourism and conventions in the surrounding area.Through further enhancement and development of tourism and conventions, we contribute to the promotion of international exchange and the globalization and revitalization of the region.